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2023-12-06, 03:26
Xadrez64.com: Portuguese chess news on the web

Xadrez64.com is a site devoted to Portuguese chess. We started our activities on April 2009.

In our main page, you may find chess news, with a focus on events in Portugal and on Portuguese players abroad, but not forgetting the most important international events.

We also provide our readers with information on events happening in Portugal: national and regional championships, local and international tournaments, and scholastic chess. This is supplemented with a calendar where you may find what is happening and where it is happening.

In our site, you may also find chess games - some of which you won't find anywhere else.

You may also use our page to draw positions for any use you want to give them. Instructions are currently in Portuguese only.

We also provide a wide selection of links for the Portuguese chess player, including a club directory.

You may find useful the list of Portuguese players or players playing in Portugal.

Finally, you can contact us by mail.

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